Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The main functions of a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) are to raise funds for the school’s current operational expenses, to promote parental support for the school program, and to increase mutual understanding between school and parents. The membership of the parent teacher organization shall include the pastor, the principal, the parents or legal guardians, and the faculty of the school, where applicable.

In addition, the PTO exists to support the principal and staff in their endeavor to provide a quality Catholic education for all students and to help parents and teachers to develop a mutual understanding of and appreciation for the ideals of Catholic education, especially in terms of proclaiming the Gospel message, building community and educating for service and worship. All parents are encouraged to and welcome to join the PTO board , all service hours are deemed completed when all major events have been chaired, planned, and implemented and attended all PTO meetings.


Parent Public Relations (PPR)

The main functions of the PPR is to promote the school through different events and activities. The goal is to unite the parish and school members to become one entity and to live out our Catholic faith through retreats, family events, fellowship, worship, and prayer.