The tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:


  • Registration fee:
    • $350 for registered parishioners
    • $550 for non-parishioners
  • For one (1) Child:
    • $370 per month
    • $4,070 per year
  • For two (2) Children:
    • $640 per month
    • $7,040 per year
  • For three (3) Children:
    • $935 per month
    • $10,285 per year
  • For each additional child, add $100 per month


  • Registration per child per year (Non Refundable) Paid in full before the 1st day of the school year begins

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance available through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF).  All parents requesting tuition assistance must complete the Catholic Education Foundation Application as well as submit to the school office all financial documents/Proof of Income as specified on said form.  The pastor and principal will review the applications and determine the families who will receive assistance based on the following:

1.  Parish active support

– All parents of students should be registered at Divine Saviour or St. Ann

2.  Financial hardship/need based on completion of Catholic Education Foundation Application and Proof of Income.

3.  Fiscal Responsibility – All tution and other financial obligations completed.

4. Service hours completed and fundraisers.

5. Commitment to a Catholic education:  Support of administration, teachers and school policies.

Non Admission of Students Due to Tuition, Fundraising and Service Deliquency

Parents are responsible for their child’s/children’s education.  In sending him/her to Divine Saviour School, we contract with the school to share this educationtional responsibility.  The tuition and fees paid partially finance a child’s education.  All donations, fundraising and service help supplement the actual cost to provide a Catholic education.  It is in “Good Faith” that tuition assistance is made available to parents whose desire it is that their children receive a faith based education.  However, there is an expectation that any “Reduction” in tuition will be repaid be fulfilling all fundraising and service requirements and at times, go above and beyond the minimum requirements.  School families failing to pay tuition according to the agreement or complete fundraising and service as per the contract and who have been unwilling to contact the school and make suitable alternative arrangements will be informed that their child/children will not be readmitted to Divine Saviour.  Students will be asked to leave our school at the end of each quarter.


Paid through our FACTS Tuition Service- no annual fee (Late fees apply)

Service Hours

–  Full Tuition – No Service Hours

– Tuition Assistance – 100 hours per year