Student Learning Expectations

The Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s) define what a graduate of Divine Saviour Catholic School will be. Students of Divine Saviour are…

1.  Dedicated Catholic Christians Who…

  • Faithfully and actively participate in liturgy
  • Are Christ-like in their actions and words
  • Understand and appreciate the foundation of our Catholic faith by living their Catholic identity, history, and traditions.
  • Read the Bible and appreciate scripture as a source of moral guidance and development of Catholic values.
  • Understand and actively participate in different forms of prayer and meditation.

2. Life-Long Learners Who…

  • Integrate academic learning in everyday life situations.
  • Have a solid foundation in core academic subjects.
  • Solve problems critically and creatively.
  • Utilize technology for academic success and in their daily lives.
  • Works independently and collaboratively.

3. Globally Aware Citizens Who…

  • Understand his/her culture and shows respect and appreciation for cultural diversity .
  • Are promoters of social justice and a voice for the oppressed of the world.
  • Give back to the community through service.
  • Understand current events and work toward change.
  • Act as God’s stewards to protect and maintain His creation.